1. Pickard and Apperson decided to move the operation, the affidavit says.
  2. Pickard and Apperson are longtime clandestine chemists, according to the affidavit.
  3. Skinner became involved with Pickard and Apperson in February 1998.
  4. Apperson was " a better chemist than Leonard was ".
  5. In August 1941 Philpott married Katherine Apperson Spencer of Lynchburg, Virginia.
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  7. Now, District 21 had two Senators and Muse served alongside Apperson.
  8. Apperson was elected Attorney General of Virginia in that election.
  9. Alice McClellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst may at first seem unlikely founders.
  10. Reached at his home, Apperson declined to comment.
  11. Apperson has no criminal history, the affidavit says.
  12. Deputy Independent Counsel Jay Apperson wrote in a letter dated Oct . 5.
  13. Haynes-Apperson automobiles were known for their long-distance running capability.
  14. California lost beloved columnists Art Hoppe and John Jacobs, and publisher Randolph Apperson Hearst.
  15. Leonard did not refute that but Apperson was not caught at the Mountain View Lab.
  16. Apperson maintained that Zimmerman was the aggressor and that Apperson acted in self-defense.
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