appetizers and salads造句

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  1. The strongest chapters, naturally, are those on appetizers and salads, both staples of the cool kitchen.
  2. The restaurant also sells calzones, a appetizers and salads, Attibassi espresso, and Tiramisu from a family recipe.
  3. In the more ambitious Petrie Court Cafe there is table service, and stylish and diverting soups, appetizers and salads, plus a full bar.
  4. There are numerous delicious selections to tempt the palate, ranging from appetizers and salads to pizzas, calzone, pastas and risottos to daily market specials and main courses.
  5. Cancer-fighting onions were the main course-- and the appetizers and salads-- at a recent luncheon hosted by the South Texas Onion Committee at the trendy Star Canyon restaurant in Dallas.
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  7. The strongest chapters, naturally, are those on appetizers and salads, both staples of the cool kitchen . ( Recipe for avocado dip follows . ) ( Heller, Dayton Daily News ) MOVED.
  8. Diverse recipes include Hunter's Sauce ( guaranteed to convert even those who think they don't like tofu ), acorn squash sauce ( perfect over linguine ), gingerbread-apple pancakes, Cuban black bean soup, curried couscous, and unusual combinations in sandwiches, appetizers and salads.
  9. The traditional mezze platter ( $ 9 ) of Arabic appetizers and salads including hummus and baba gannouj is more than enough for two, while the mixed grill of lamb chop, chicken and minced-lamb kofta ( $ 13 ) is simple and delicious.
  10. She found the appetizers and salads excellent, but considered the pasta dishes hit-or-miss and disparaged the main entrees . 1986 food reviews in the " Washington Post " concluded that Old Ebbitt Grill had the worst omelets and pancakes in the city, but the best appetizers.
  11. Dinner menu prices range from $ 8 to $ 16 for appetizers and salads ( most in the $ 9 to $ 12 range ), $ 10 to $ 12 for pastas, $ 10 to $ 12 for pizzas and $ 14 to $ 24 for entrees.
  12. For $ 36, there is a fixed-price seven-course meal Monday through Saturday, including appetizers, soup, salad, entree, cheese and dessert, or the Sunday evening buffet, with an enormous spread of appetizers and salads, a choice of three entrees _ duck a l'orange was one _ and desserts ranging from fresh fruit and pies to rich cheesecakes.


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