approach toward造句

"approach toward"是什么意思   


  1. american foreign policy tends to use a carrot and stick approach toward other countries
  2. in this article, you will learn a simple approach toward jump starting your network marketing business
  3. such a view facilitates a systematic approach toward dealing with metadata and aligning it with the goals of aop
  4. a team or organization at this level tends to take a chaotic, ad-hoc, " invent as we go " approach toward every new systems building effort
  5. 1997 alternative approaches toward reforming the national health insurance program . international symposium on health care and payment system reform . chinese public health association, taipei
  6. It's difficult to find approach toward in a sentence. 用approach toward造句挺难的
  7. a general approach toward robust optimal design is proposed which is based on tolerance model and orthogonal experimental method, this method can deal with implicit and high non-linear functions and great variances in design variables
  8. in this paper a motion compensation iterative algorithm is designed base on the multiple input restoration algorithm for enhancing the resolution of monochrome and color image sequences . various approaches toward motion estimation are investigated and compared


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