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  1. A proposed alternative to the City Rail Link ( CRL ) to increase capacity was the duplication of the existing eastern Britomart approach tunnel.
  2. In January 2015, MTR awarded a contract to Leighton in joint venture with China State Construction to construct the station and western approach tunnel.
  3. A major commercial building was built over the eastern approach tunnel in the late 2000s, at the eastern edge of the plaza behind the centre.
  4. It was closed between 5 October and 26 November 1940 after the approach tunnels were breached, and the goods depot was bombed on 16 April 1941.
  5. The Mersey Railway tunnel entering Central Low Level from the north of the station was aligned with the high level station's approach tunnel from the south.
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  7. The Low Level underground station and tunnel was built in 1890 to align with the approach tunnel to the High Level station if in the future the need was there.
  8. However, only the approach tunnel exists below Calgary's Municipal Building, as part of a subway system that was partially built and mothballed in the mid-1980s.
  9. Located at a high footfall transport interchange hub, the proposed tower s location was directly above the site earmarked for the approach tunnels to the new Crossrail station at Canary Wharf.


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