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  1. The apron dress was sugar pink with flowers scattered over its surface.
  2. Other gardener-friendly accessories include caps, bandanas, overalls, apron dresses, mud flats and clogs.
  3. The apron dress may be viewed as a special case of the jumper.
  4. But some evening wear got out of hand with coy little apron dresses fluffed out with acres of tulle.
  5. There were lacquered jeans, bright sleeveless tops puckered with zigzag seams, tie-dyed effects, and apron dresses with plastic stripes.
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  7. Or a strand or two of fine chains with vintage beads with your fluid pantsuit or long apron dress.
  8. Extraordinary layered lines in " parasol " or apron dresses over longer underskirts always look light in fine lace, chiffon with pastel mother-of-pearl embroidery.
  9. Among the standouts were black-and-tan plaid sheath dresses, cable-knit V-neck sweater vests, Tencel denim apron dresses and black-and-white houndstooth paired with navy zip-front jackets.
  10. And with no theme-park theatrics, he carries them through confidently : the apron dress, the coat dress, the lacy cardigan, the balmacaan, the slightly flared skirt.
  11. There were apron dresses with cutouts in back, including one in black leather, and jackets and coats with invisible closures and unexpected touches like bright red shearling.
  12. In 1934, the designer showed swimsuits worn under a matching skirt or flared shorts, giving women a new alternative to the fuller covering of an apron dress.
  13. Unfortunately, however, that homey mood sometimes translated to dowdy clothes with a Fifties-homemaker feel in tweed apron dresses paired with a pleated hem skirts and embroidered cotton dresses.
  14. In the film " The Stepford Wives, " the computerized women emerge in full-length apron dresses with winged eyelet shoulders so that they look like performers in a colonial restoration village.
  15. Each tiny image had a caption like " long linen dress " or " silk apron dress, " making it easier for me to decide which I wanted to examine more closely.
  16. Folkloric innocence in the form of smocking, apron dresses and wool embroidery were a unifying theme throughout the collections, which yielded important trends, although before the week began, some fashion insiders predicted otherwise.
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