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  1. In this paper , the auv is the object of the research . in order to overcome the negative effects of the non - linear part of kinematic model , sea current and wave during motion control , a new type of neural network : fuzzy cerebellar model arithmetic controller ( fcmac ) , together with an on - line learning scheme based on the lyapunov stability theory , has been adopted in designing the new motion control system . the simulation results have been compared with those generated by a classic pid controller
    本文以auv为对象,针对其运动控制中模型非线性部分对控制性能影响较大及有海流、海浪等外界干扰等特点,采用一种新型神经网络:模糊小脑模型关节控制器( fuzzycerebellarmodelarithmeticcontroller )并结合基于李雅普诺夫原理而推导出的学习算法设计auv的运动控制系统,并与传统pid控制器进行了仿真比较。
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