armor and sword造句


  1. Joanie on the Pony, however, with her knight's armor and sword, acts as Longwood s protector.
  2. is a ghostly Japanese samurai who inhabits a cursed suit of armor and sword that he mysteriously acquires from an antique shop.
  3. Colonna is girded with his dark armor and sword, with hand upon his helmet, standing before a column and red curtain.
  4. So later that night she takes his armor and sword, disguises herself as a man and runs away to fight in his place.
  5. World Cup posters adorning Dublin streets picture a stern-eyed Keane bedecked head to toe in a samurai warrior's armor and sword drawn.
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  7. This steel was exported to Rome and other European areas for the manufacture of armor and swords, with ships sailing to a port in Hambantota to obtain steel.
  8. Approaching in the night and attacking at dawn, Shingen caught his enemy unprepared, taking the camp as Ogasawara's men " grabbed their armor and swords ."
  9. Armor and swords were found buried with both men and women, who were also warriors, in some of the earliest tombs from the seventh and sixth centuries B . C.
  10. This characteristic of the armor and swords has had the effect of causing every previous Azrael in the Order of Purity's history to have descended to insanity, although in varying lengths of time.
  11. The current " donjon " was reconstructed in 1975 to boost local tourism and to function as an annex to the local Chiba Prefectural Sonan Museum containing historical artifacts including a small collection of Japanese armor and swords.
  12. They are forging armor and swords in order to fight three giants that have fortified a castle nearby, to the dismay of the townsfolk . The giants had seemed benevolent at first, but gradually shown their true nature as cruel & savage.
  13. Here the children become giant versions of what costumes they are wearing, along with abilities reflected by that costume; for example, a child wearing a makeshift robot costume becomes a giant mechanized robot, while a child wearing a medieval sweater becomes a knight in armor and sword.
  14. Suddenly, he remembers everything and rises from his bed, calling for his armor and sword so that he may set out again . ( " Man of La Mancha "  second reprise ) But it is too late  in mid-song, he suddenly cries out and falls dead.
  15. With some calculation, the Black Knight plans an even bolder assault on the money bin : by gluing the diamond dust to the suit of armor, he is able to coat the armor and sword ( except for the palms of its gauntlets, the soles of its shoes, and the hilt of the sword ) in the Omnisolve, allowing him to march into the bin in broad daylight.
  16. The oldest four corporations were the " drapiers ", who made cloth; the " merciers ", who made and sold clothing, the " epiciers ", who sold food and spices, and the " pelletiers ", who made fur garments . but there were many more specialized professions, ranging from shoemakers and jewelers to those who made armor and swords.


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