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  1. The armor belt varied from 220 to 280 mm in thickness.
  2. He also found no torpedo damage on the armor belt, echoing previous findings.
  3. The main armor belt was retained, but was reduced in height to save weight.
  4. All four ships retained teak backing to their armor belts.
  5. Her armor belt was wide amidships and extended above and almost below the waterline.
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  7. Their armor belts also sat below the ships'waterlines, which made them of limited benefit.
  8. The main armor belt was retained, although it was reduced in height to save weight.
  9. "Dante Alighieri " had a complete waterline armor belt that had a maximum thickness of.
  10. A section of armor belt was lost and numerous holes were torn in her hull.
  11. Their armor belts were the same thickness but were more extensive than that of their predecessor.
  12. The waterline armor belt of the " Borodino " s consisted of Krupp armor and was thick.
  13. A typical Washington design had in its armor belt, and less on other areas of the ship.
  14. The ship's waterline armor belt was thick and the main battery was protected by up to of armor.
  15. One torpedo hit " Andrey Pervozvanny " armor belt, killing one sailor and flooding an isolated watertight compartment.
  16. The armor belt of was planned.
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