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  1. Officers are often branch detailed either from the Armor branch or the Infantry branch to lead Cavalry soldiers.
  2. From 1985 to 1987 Swan served as an Armor Branch assignment officer in Washington, D . C ..
  3. The U . S . Cavalry branch was absorbed into the Armor branch as part of the Army Reorganization Act of 1950.
  4. The Cavalry Branch was officially subsumed by the Armor Branch in 1950, although many units continued to have a " cavalry " designation.
  5. As Chief of Armor Branch of the US Army in 1970-1972 he oversaw the careers of 3500 field-grade Army officers.
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  7. Immediately after the war, the battalions were disbanded and the anti-tank role was taken over by the Infantry, Engineer and Armor branches.
  8. Immediately after the war, the force was disbanded and the anti-tank role was formally taken over by the Infantry, Engineer and Armor branches.
  9. He graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, commissioning into the U . S . Army as a second lieutenant in the Armor Branch.
  10. He then transferred to Alexandria, Virginia to serve as Assignment Officer, Armor Branch Captains, for the United States Army Military Personnel Center until July 1980.
  11. Woods was commissioned in the Army as a second lieutenant in the Armor branch and began the Armor Officer Basic Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky in July 2003.
  12. On 7 July 2010, the 316th Cavalry Brigade was re-activated to replace the HQ 16th Cavalry Regiment as the headquarters charged with education of United States Army soldiers in the Armor branch.
  13. Both Infantry and Armor branch commissioned officer aviators were assigned to Air Cavalry units, as these squadrons consisted of troops containing a mix of attack helicopter, aerial reconnaissance, and " aero-rifle " platoons.
  14. As a result of this varied and demanding job, command of the 2nd Armored Division ( Forward ) was considered a plum assignment for armor branch brigadier generals, on par with perhaps only the Berlin Brigade for high visibility and potential for advancement to higher rank.
  15. In the armor branch, " jeep " generally referred to a 1 / 2 or 3 / 4 ton truck, with the 1 / 4 ton called a " peep . " The militarized Minneapolis-Moline tractor was known as a " jeep, " named for the cartoon character.
  16. In June 1987, General Campbell was reassigned to Armor Branch, U . S . Army Military Personnel Center in Alexandria, Virginia, later renamed U . S . Army Personnel Command, where he served as the Captains'and later the Majors'Assignment Officer of the Armor Branch, Combat Arms Division.
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