armor corps造句


  1. In 1945 Tzafriri joined the Palmach, and joined the Armor Corps.
  2. Nativ joined the Jewish Brigade during World War II and served in the Armor Corps.
  3. In 1975 Second Lieutenant Chin was commissioned in the Armor Corps of the U . S . Army.
  4. Troops from the Givati Brigade, Armor Corps are also known to have been involved in the ground operation.
  5. Alex Shamir, a soldier conscripted to the armor corps in 1971, told Israel radio that he and other recruits were forced to take pills three times a day.
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  7. Shalit was the first Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian militants since Armor Corps at the time of his capture, was promoted to Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, and then Sergeant Major on the eve of his release.
  8. He told Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth, " they wanted to send me to a combat unit in the armor corps . " Additionally, Sport 5 pointed out that Bakhar was not match fit and was expected to undergo surgery soon.
  9. It was first published in six editions, themed after Israel Defense Forces ( IDF ) 30th anniversary, Israel Air Force's 30th anniversary, the Yom Kippur War, Israel's Armor Corps, Israel's infantry and special forces and the Six Day War.
  10. "We request a formal ID, like a passport, so we can prove to the DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration ) and IRS ( Internal Revenue Service ) that we're not dealing with bad people, " said Enrique Palomo Jr ., vice-president of the San Antonio, Texas-based Executive Armor Corp.
  11. Other post-war analysts, including David Eshel, disagree, arguing that reports of losses to Merkavas were overstated and that " summing up the performance of Merkava tanks, especially the latest version Merkava Mark IV, most tank crews agree that, in spite of the losses sustained and some major flaws in tactical conduct, the tank proved its mettle in its first high-saturation combat . " On a comparison done by the armor corps newsletter, it was shown that the average number of crewmen killed per tank penetrated by missile / rocket was reduced from 2 during the Yom Kippur War to 1.5 during the 1982 Lebanon War to 1 during the 2006 Lebanon War proving how, even in the face of the improvement in anti-tank weaponry, the Merkava series tanks provide increasingly better protection to its crew.


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