armor doctrine造句

"armor doctrine"是什么意思   


  1. Flawed United States armor doctrine played a major role in keeping the M4 undergunned in 1944 1945.
  2. He continued to write, lecture and consult about armor doctrine, tactics and Soviet thinking, living at first in Norfolk, England where he was brought up and then in Elgin, Scotland.
  3. The goal is to think not in terms of " layers of defence " as in traditional counter-armor doctrine, but in terms of " channels " that the enemy will be forced into.
  4. "These officers knew the Soviet Union's armor doctrine, and when the Russians tried to go up the valleys, some of them were right there, directing ambushes, " said Joshua Spero, a professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts and former Soviet military analyst for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
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