armor door造句

"armor door"是什么意思   


  1. Armored door . well made
  2. Wooden armor door
  3. Our main products include a series of flexible door , automation door , armor door , turnup door , bulletproof door , etc . . we can provide different material to satisfy the different custom , such as : stainless door , glass door with or without frame , crystal door , titanium door and so on
  4. The “ ruisheng ” brand armoring door and steel wood door series adapts to various climates and differing styles building , the high strength hardness , tight and resisting sourly and resisting such results as alkali , anti - rust , sound insulation , resisting to press , etc … collect humanized design , artistry and pursue the an outstanding and serious and refined tradition of a family in an organic whole , it is the modernized family that pursues the individualized best choice
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