1. In 1994, Arriaza created a classification of the Chinchorro mummies that is widely used.
  2. Dr . Bernardo Arriaza is a Chilean physical anthropologist who contributed a lot of the knowledge about Chinchorro mummification.
  3. Dr . Bernardo Arriaza is a Chilean physical anthropologist who contributed a lot on the knowledge about the Chinchorro.
  4. Carlos H . Arriaza Sanchez, 23, who works for a celebrity magazine, Hola, was standing nearby.
  5. The current HICLR Faculty Advisors are Professors Naomi Roht-Arriaza, Ugo Mattei, Joel Paul, Bill Dodge and Richard Boswell.
  6. It's difficult to find arriaza in a sentence. 用arriaza造句挺难的
  7. Arriaza, who lives in Madrid, tried to interview the woman on Sunday and then returned on Monday with the other men to tap her telephone, prosecutors said.
  8. After he was arrested, Arriaza acknowledged to investigators that he had come to New York to ferret out proof that the young woman was seeing the prince, the complaint said.
  9. Prosecutors said that Jiminez, 32, told them that Arriaza had promised to pay him and Fernandez a total of $ 25, 000 if they could intercept telephone calls proving the woman's relationship with the prince, the complaint said.
  10. Dr . Arriaza's involvement with the community began in 2005 with the project explore program : " " Understand the desert so that we are players in the development of our region " ", an activity held in conjunction with Arica high schools.
  11. The effect of the light, which possibly indicates sunset, surrounds and highlights the clouds that encircle the giant's waist as described in Arriaza's poem : This slanting light is fractured and interrupted by the mountain peaks increasing the sensation of disequilibrium and disorder.
  12. He returned to Guatemala in 1980, again playing for Aurora, where he would retire in 1982 after having scored 87 career goals for the club  third-most ever behind Jorge Rold醤 ( 111 ) and Edgar Arriaza ( 88 )  and over 190 goals during his entire career.
  13. Notable ADAPES members include Marco Valencia, Francisco Zayas, Licry Bicard, Marielos Imery, Romeo Galdamez, Mayra Barraza, Fredis Monge, Hugo Martinez, Carlos Cartagena, Salvador Llort, Mauricio Castillo, Mauricio Linares Aguilar, Evelyn Quinteros, Amber Rose, Tessie Scharaga, Dagoberto Nolasco, Ivan Bran, Armando Solis, Giovanni Gil, Victor Cartagena, Elisa Archer, Alberto Merino, Marta Eugenia Valle, Ricardo Portillo, Flor Nuila, Antonio Lara, Maria Kahn, Gilberto Arriaza


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