1. So all the residents were extremely grateful to master for her help . relief bags and mattresses were carried to prados del este , el pantanal , nueva esperanza arriba , nueva esperanza abajo , monteria , palo alto , tocumen and many other settlements along the cabra river then on october 11 , the initiates received a surprise because another flood occurred in the nearby towns of las garzas and las mireyas
    我们前往东区的普拉多斯prados del este阿尔巴坦纳el pantanal新伊斯贝蓝萨的上城nueva esperanza arriba新伊斯贝蓝萨的下城nueva esperanza abajo蒙特利亚monteria帕洛奥多palo alto都库门tocumen ,以及卡布拉河cabra river沿岸许多殖民区,分发救援包和睡垫。
  2. More initiates and several convenient method practitioners were later able to join in the aid work , carrying bags of supplies to areas such as nueva esperanza arriba and arnulfo arias - caminos de omar , where the team had not previously visited . almost a hundred families thus lovingly received material assistance
    之后,师兄师姊与方便法同修都纷纷加入救援的行列,救灾范围包括nueva esperanza arriba和arnulfo arias - caminos de omar等尚未探访的区域,总共有一百户左右的家庭收到救援物资。
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