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  1. Are there corresponding inverses for Knuth's up-arrow notation?
  2. He also invented a nomenclature for exceedingly large numbers, the Conway chained arrow notation.
  3. Is there a way more simple than arrow notation to imagine Graham's number?
  4. Graham's number illustrates this as Knuth's up-arrow notation is used.
  5. David Easdown simplified the definition and formulated the axioms in a special arrow notation invented by him.
  6. It's difficult to find arrow notation in a sentence. 用arrow notation造句挺难的
  7. Regardless, the up arrow means something different in mathematics, see Knuth's up arrow notation.
  8. For such numbers the advantage of using the upward arrow notation no longer applies, and we can also use the chain notation.
  9. In mathematics, the caret can signify exponentiation ( 3 ^ 5 for ), where the usual iterated exponentiation in Knuth's up-arrow notation.
  10. I found Knuth's up-arrow notation but didn't understand it . 00 : 22, 16 August 2014 ( UTC )  Preceding talk)
  11. The Conway chained arrow notation can then be used : a chain of three elements is equivalent with the other notations, but a chain of four or more is even more powerful.
  12. I don't know about the latter, but you might get a sense of the operation at Knuth's up-arrow notation . talk ) 17 : 13, 3 June 2013 ( UTC)
  13. Here, the number 3 \ uparrow \ uparrow \ uparrow \ uparrow3 uses Knuth's up-arrow notation; writing the number out in base 10 would require enormously more writing material than there are atoms in the known universe.
  14. If the height is given only approximately, giving a value at the top does not make sense, so we can use the double-arrow notation, e . g . 10 \ uparrow \ uparrow ( 7.21 \ times 10 ^ 8 ).
  15. and the superscript on " f " indicates an Conway chained arrow notation as \ scriptstyle f ( n ) \; = \; 3 \ rightarrow 3 \ rightarrow n, and this notation also provides the following bounds on " G ":
  16. Bowers work is quite sound mathematically, with a notation not far removed to some very distinguished mathematicians Conway chained arrow notation, I'd probably say notable, as they are probably the largest numbers every described, but don't think they are notable enough to warrant individual redirects.
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