arrow of death造句

"arrow of death"是什么意思   


  1. Following this success, Molimerx encouraged Howarth to produce two more titles, " The Time Machine " and " Arrow of Death ".
  2. The first known use of the word " chuckmuck " comes from 1843 from British India : "  the coolness of the British soldier is shewn by his sitting down and lighting his chuckmuck and enjoying the solace of his pipe while the arrows of death were bustling around his ears ".
  3. Just at this time came the winged arrow of death and bore the soul of Bishop Hagey from the scenes of his life's activity, from the companionship of his faithful circle of followers, and from the worrying of this world, to the regions beyond the skies where trials and temptations are no more, where Christ reigns supreme, in Heaven.
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