arrow pointer造句

"arrow pointer"是什么意思   


  1. The principle here is simple to understand if we only look at the arrow pointers.
  2. The result : Almost every time you move the arrow pointer, it disappears _ a phenomenon known as " submarining ."
  3. In June, Circle 1's KidsCom Web site ( www . kidscom . com ) charged up its Internet safety word puzzles with cartoon characters that swirl around the mouse-controlled arrow pointer.
  4. Using the mouse controls in the Windows Control Panel, for example, one can replace the boring arrow pointer and hourglass waiting symbol with a tap-dancer in top hat and tails and a martini with an olive.
  5. PDI's typically consist of a dial that is installed in the pilot's instrument set on the main console, with an arrow pointer than can be moved to indicate how far and in what direction to correct the heading.
  6. It's difficult to find arrow pointer in a sentence. 用arrow pointer造句挺难的


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