1. "I need an answer on this, " said Artale.
  2. His son Artale Natoli pre-deceased him, dying on 11 December 1768.
  3. In his youth the reign was under the control of powerful Sicialian barons, in particular of Artale I Alagona.
  4. He finally lost Malta in 1397 while Artale II Alagona held to the Castrum Maris until a year later in 1398.
  5. Flashlight in hand, Artale surveyed the pools of water lining his classroom floors, found the electricity dead and the faucets dry.
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  7. Therefore, Guglielmo Raimond Moncada ceded the fiefdom back to the crown so it could be used in negotiations with Artale II Alagona.
  8. In 1354 Manfredi was besieged in Lentini by the Aragonese troops of Artale I Alagona; the latter was able to capture it by treason only in 1360.
  9. The fief was therefore transferred to Artale II Alagona in 1393 which he controlled until 1396, after which King Martin I once again gave the islands back to Guglielmo Riamondo Moncada.
  10. It was at this time that the greatest threat to the crown was Artale II Alagona member of the Alagona Family which was a major player in the unrest of 1377-1392.
  11. He married Maria de Cardona, marchioness of Padula and countess of Avellino, who had been a widow since the death of her cousin and first husband Artale de Cardona in 1536.
  12. The island of Corfu was a refuge for many Italians in exile during the Wars of Independence of Italy, like Niccol?Tommaseo ( who married Diamante Pavello-Artale, a Corfiot Italian ).
  13. Kevin Artale, who ran the Park Preschool, a day care center, near the World Trade Center, has been able to get back into his building once since last Tuesday _ after pleading with a police officer.
  14. The regent named by Maria's father, Artale Alagona, was initially forced to form a government with other three Vicars, including Francesco II count of Ventimiglia, Manfredi III Chiaramonte, count of Modica, and Guglielmo Peralta, count of Caltabellotta, with a parity of exponents of the " Italian " and " Aragonese " parties.


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