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  1. New owner Arte Moreno scratched out $ 146 million for roster improvements.
  2. Taking a cue from Angels owner Arte Moreno, Katofsky slashed prices.
  3. The Angels also have an aggressive owner, Arte Moreno, and a stable of prospects.
  4. Earlier this week, Angels owner Arte Moreno strongly downplayed the possibility of pursuing Johnson.
  5. Arte Moreno, Outdoor Systems'chief executive officer, said in a statement.
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  7. Advertising Mexican-American magnate Arte Moreno became the first Hispanic to own a baseball club.
  8. Angel owner Arte Moreno may be a billionaire, but even he has his limits.
  9. Arte Moreno, the president and chief executive of Outdoor Systems, said in a statement.
  10. "We didn't want to make it about Arte Moreno but about the Angels ."
  11. Arte Moreno can write big checks to procure talent.
  12. But Anaheim has grown up since Jack Benny's days, except not enough for Arte Moreno.
  13. Wood also met Angels owner Arte Moreno, who watched Wood take batting practice and field grounders.
  14. Arte Moreno seemingly has done little wrong since taking over as the team's owner last year.
  15. On May 15, 2003, Disney sold their stake in the Anaheim Angels baseball team to Arte Moreno.
  16. Angels owner Arte Moreno spent last weekend in New York, watching his team sweep George Steinbrenner's Yankees.
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