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"as alongside"是什么意思   


  1. Mumbai were placed in Group A alongside Chennai Super Kings, Trinidad & Tobago.
  2. Animals occur alongside human characters, as well as alongside other animals.
  3. Many Cretans died alongside the Byzantines, as well as alongside the few Genoese and Venetian co-defenders.
  4. Ireland have been drawn in group A alongside Australia, England and 2008 World Cup rivals Fiji.
  5. They were drawn in Group A alongside Uganda.
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  7. In 2014 the Bulldogs where placed in Pool A alongside Ireland, Nauru, Fiji, France and Indonesia.
  8. A natural colonizer, Coojong tends to grow wherever soil has been disturbed, such as alongside new roads.
  9. At the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup, El Salvador were in Group A alongside Canada, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.
  10. This template displays a alongside a team's logo in a bordered box with a caption, like an image.
  11. Asheim is also active as an organ improvisator  in solo settings as well as alongside other musicians.
  12. The club were pit in Group A alongside Dempo SC, East Bengal, Sporting Clube de Goa and Royal Wahingdoh.
  13. Palermo's biggest rivals by far are fellow islanders Messina, who played in Serie A alongside Palermo and Catania in recent years.
  14. Cruzeiro lost 2-1 to Sao Lorenzo of Argentina in its opening game and trails in Group A alongside Chile's Colo Colo.
  15. The result at Maracana stadium left Vasco at the top of Group A alongside Americano, which beat Portuguesa 1-0 in Campos.
  16. The book was released by Madonna as alongside her fifth studio album " Erotica ", which had been released a day earlier.
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