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"as ingredient"是什么意思   


  1. fruit pieces in stabilized syrup for use as ingredients of ice-cream or other edible ices
  2. the more usual types of highly endangered animal species parts and derivatives which can be used as ingredients for medicine include bear bile and sea turtle scales
  3. from the ancient to the present day, almond is still a wonderful invigorant . contained well-selected natural almond as ingredient makes it to have a mesmeric aroma of taste
  4. we should face these present issues, regard urban ecosystem as ingredient of the biosphere, take certain precautions, finally, realize the harmonious development between biodiversity conservation and urban ecosystem
  5. taking fresh flowers as ingredients for making refreshments can not only enrich such flavor indexes as color, smell, taste, shape and etc, but also brings with them a certain nutritional value, healthcare value, aesthetic value and practical value to the refreshments
  6. It's difficult to find as ingredient in a sentence. 用as ingredient造句挺难的
  7. sandwiches with vegetables as ingredients are better choices for breakfast than conventional sweetened buns or toast with butter and jam . you can try tomato sandwich with grilled chicken, tuna sandwich with lettuce or egg salad sandwich with sweet corn
  8. the machine unit is simple structured, compact, energy saving, convenient and simple for operation and maintenance, it's extensively adapted to materials, which could be used as ingredient storehouse after crushing, and process after using up the ingredient in machine
  9. wednesday, october 27, 1999 the agriculture and fisheries department ( afd ) today ( wednesday ) invites traders to attend seminars on the proposed tightening of legislative control on artificially propagated plants and medicines using endangered species as ingredients
  10. the amendments seek to meet requirements of the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora ( cites ) . cites control covers artificially propagated plants and medicines using endangered species as ingredients to protect such species from extinction caused by over-exploitation


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