as is also造句

"as is also"是什么意思   


  1. strategic m & as is also a game of both parties
  2. note that g77 is generally installed as an executable named " f77, " as is also true of several other fortran compiles
  3. the young children were still above, as was also her father, it being sunday morning, when he felt justified in lying an additional half-hour
  4. as was also shown on other platforms, domino 7 running on windows 2003 enterprise server offers improvement in cpu utilization and scalability
  5. gue are the nearest islands of all those that surround the chateau d if, but ratonneau and pom gue are inhabited, as is also the islet of daume, tiboulen and lemaire were therefore the safest for dant s venture
  6. It's difficult to find as is also in a sentence. 用as is also造句挺难的
  7. firstly, by numerical and theoretical analysis, the author compares some existent confidence intervals, for example, " exact " confidence interval, wald confidence interval and bayesian confidence interval, and finds some deficiencies points of the confidence intervals, whose modification version has been proposed . also, several better confidence intervals such as are also presented . secondly, for given confidence coefficient and interval width, the author constructs a class of asymptotical two-stage interval estimate procedures . at the same time, under varies restriction of confidence coefflcientent interval width, the optional sample size of the first stage has been computed by numerical computation . the numerical computation shows that the method considered in this dissertation have good properties and applied value


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