as is customary造句

"as is customary"是什么意思   


  1. but there was a " junior note taker " there, as is customary " when governments like that speak, " the u . s . ambassador to the u . n said
  2. the remainder of the film is episodic, moving from one incident to another over the course of the three-day funeral, which is held ( as is customary ) in the home
  3. instead of lights at every window, as is customary on days of ceremony, he saw only a gray mass, which was veiled also by a cloud, which at that moment obscured the moon s feeble light
  4. 1 the vessel is covered subject to the provisions of this insurance at all times and has leave to sail or navigate with or without pilots, to go on trial trips and to assist and tow vessels or craft in distress, but it is warranted that with the exception of catch the vessel shall not carry cargo or containers for the carriage of cargo and shall not be towed, except as is customary or to the first safe port or place when in need of assistance, or undertake towage or salvage services under a contract previously arranged by the assured and / or owners and / or managers and / or charterers
  5. "that two executions of considerable interest will take place the day after to-morrow at two o clock, as is customary at rome at the commencement of all great festivals . one of the culprits will be mazzolato; 1 he is an atrocious villain, who murdered the priest who brought him up, and deserves not the smallest pity
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