as is now造句


  1. As is now known, these profits were almost completely manufactured.
  2. Same Bill Fischer as is now with the Braves . . ..
  3. where a is now a shape factor determined by the wheel wear.
  4. Class A is now required for all duct sealing.
  5. Reneysky then went into coaching as is now head of the Belarus national team.
  6. It's difficult to find as is now in a sentence. 用as is now造句挺难的
  7. I loved Davey as I loved my brother and as I now love my son.
  8. We have shared in moments that I remember with amusement as I now look back.
  9. Fyne Court a is now a National Trust-owned nature reserve and visitor centre.
  10. As I now come to understand, Wikipedia is a little light on the subject.
  11. I gave her the wrong advice, as I now see it, with hindsight.
  12. This view, though utterly false as is now known, inspired much science fiction.
  13. As I now remember it, every one not hitherto decided, arose at once.
  14. The patient's blood is recirculated with an external pump, as is now done.
  15. He has been a lawmaker since 1962 and as is now chief minister of the Karnataka.
  16. It is generally accepted that this is the same work as is now in the Vatican.
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