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  1. In assembler programming , a name entry
  2. Computer manufacturers usually provide the assembler program
  3. In assembler programming , one or more operation represented by a combination of terms and paired parentheses
  4. The use of templates to preprocess source code prior to compilation has been around since the earliest days of assembler programming
  5. In assembler programming , indicating the number of digit positions in object code to be occupied by the fractional portion of a fixedpoint or floatingpoint constant
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  7. In assembler programming , indicating the number of digit positions in object code to be occupied by the fractional portion of a fixed - point or floating - point constant
  8. In assembler programming , the comparison of two expressions to see if the value of one is equal to , less than , or greater than the value of the other
    在汇编语言程序设计中,对两个表达式进行的一种比较(结果) ,看其中一个表达式的值是否等于、小于或大于另一个表达式的值。
  9. These modules are described with hdl and simulated respectively . at last , the design is simulated with an assembler program . for more details of the microcontronller , a down - up design was made
  10. In the next , we discuss the system of the meg - 1 layer i . the paper centers on the two kernel sub - parts : filtering coding and psychoacoustic model , do some research work in sub - band coding ( cbc ) theory and the relate theory such as quadrature mirror filter ( qmf ) and analyse sub - band filter ; also do research work in psychoacoustic theory especially the part related to the mpeg - 1 layer i . in the third chapter , introduce the ti tms320c6000 series dsps and their characteristics , also about the software development flow and the ti dsp / bios operating system of it . the forth chapter is the most important , firstly , according the algorithm flow in protocol , using c language validate the algorithm ; then , transplant and optimize the coding in dsp . in the processing of optimize , acording the assembler program characteristic of ti dsp , the paper put forward the analyse sub - band filter dsp optimization algorithm base on the eight spot idct . the algorithm has been optimize have greatly improved the work efficiency . make use of the technology of the dsp / bios host channels , data io pipe , software interrupt , we implement the musicam algorithm base on dsp / bios
    论文首先对当前语音编码技术的发展、分类以及mpeg系列音频标准作了介绍;接着在第二章,给出了layer的musicam ( masking - patternuniversalsubbandintegratedcodingandmultiplexing )算法的系统组成,围绕分析子带滤波器和心理声学模型两个核心模块,深入研究了子带编码工作原理、比特分配及子带编码中用到的正交镜像滤波器和分析子带滤波器;探讨了心理声学基本原理和mpeg . 1layer所用到的心理声学模型。第三章对titms320c6000系列dsp作了简介,介绍了6000系列dsp结构特点、 c6000dsp软件开发流程和tidsp / bios操作系统。第四章是本文的重点,首先根据协议给出的算法用标准c语言编程实现并调试通过。


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