assemblies and parts造句

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  1. Steam turbines ; terms of assemblies and parts of the turbine
  2. Steam turbines ; terms of assemblies and parts of the condenser system
  3. Assemblies and parts
  4. The lines of autobody products cover a wide range of series and multiple varieties , and the annual autobody assemblies and parts produced exceed 30000 sets in number
  5. The qijiang count gathered the large quantities of forgings , the gear , the part always becomes the production enterprise , the forging production , the machine - finishing , assemblies and parts technology is advanced , the condition was superior
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  7. Chaoli adopts 5s , jit to realize lean manufacturing and set up perfect production control system and organization system . we import top - ranking manufacturing and testing equipments from japan , south korea , us such as evaporator with inner fin production line , condenser production line , hvac production line , heater production line , bus a c production line , automatic a c controller , so that the production capacity is 600 , 000 units per year along with sub - assemblies and parts
  8. 5 . no parts and components warranty will be delivered if customer or non - warranty - taker dismantles disassemble and adjusts parts , assembly of the diesel and components that are not allowed to be adjusted such as injection pump assembly lead sealing , and reassembles them within the warranty term , which however , fails to meet technology demand such as torque and advance angle of major bolts , resulting in failure and damage of relevant components , assembly and parts
  9. The dynamic loads created by vehicle vibration accelerate the wear and tear of vehicle assembly and parts , response to assembly and parts ’ too early fatigue malfunction . when the dynamic loads work on the road surface through tyres , the road surface inclined to being created fatigue damage and macro damage . dynamic tyre load also would response to the structure destruction of vehicles if the maximum amplitude of its responses be out of range


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