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  1. French assessor system and its hints
  2. Ruling of virtue and enhancement of the moral quality of all the people . wei yingmin criminal procedure and assessor system . peng bo
  3. In the final part , the value orientation and some legislative advice of reforming china ' s assessor system of the people will be argued
  4. The judge standard of the fault adopts job standard and combines evaluation behavior principle , expert assessor system and the party ’ s agreement standard
  5. The writer thinks its main value should be oriented in dividing the judicial power , upon which some legislative advice for improving china ' s assessor system of the people will be given
    文章认为我国陪审制度的价值应定位于分割审判权,实现“以权制权” 。并在此基础上提出了完善我国陪审制度的几条立法建议。
  6. It's difficult to find assessor system in a sentence. 用assessor system造句挺难的
  7. The thesis is composed of five parts . in the first part , several relative concepts will be defined while jury system , assessor system and assessor system of the people should be discriminated between each other conceptualy
  8. Firstly , this part reviews the present conditions of the research of jury system in china , and finds that scholars usually use two methods . the first one is to distinguish jury system from assessor system and analyze these two systems ’ historical , cultural and institutional differences


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