1. The task was to take Assoro, an ancient, and well-fortified, promontory blocking the regiment's advance.
  2. Ramacca borders the following municipalities : Agira, Aidone, Assoro, Belpasso, Castel di Judica, Lentini, Mineo, Palagonia, Patern? Raddusa.
  3. After flowing through the territory of Assoro, where its tutelary divinity was worshipped with peculiar honors during the Greek civilization, and afterwards through that of Agira, it joins the Simeto in the plain of Catania, about from its mouth.
  4. The bus contained a group of elderly people from Catania, on Sicily's eastern coast, making a day trip to Assoro, a town 29 kilometers ( 18 miles ) from here, said a police official speaking on condition of anonymity.
  5. Going forward on his own reconnaissance that afternoon in company with the new second-in-command, Major'Ack Ack'Kennedy, Tweedsmuir looked up at the towering colossus of Assoro with the visionary eye of a Lawrence of Arabia, and saw that the only way to accomplish the impossible was to attempt the impossible.
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  7. During 1943, 1 Provost Company became involved in operations in Sicily ( Pachino, Valguarnera, Assoro, Agira, Adrano and Regalbuto ) and after the crossing into Italy on 3 September 1943, the company continued its support of the I Canadian Corps as part of the Eighth Army as Allied forces crept northwards from the toe of Italy.


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