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  1. None of her assorted cargo could be recovered.
  2. The main items in her assorted cargo were medicine, wine, and saddles much needed by the Confederate cavalry.
  3. On 25 February 1865, the steam tug captured British schooner " Salvadora " in the Straits of Florida heading for the Confederate coast with an assorted cargo.
  4. On January 29, 1862, the vessel, under his command, captured the Confederate schooner " Stephen Hart " off the south coast of Florida, carrying assorted cargo.
  5. At 2 : 00 p . m ., " Annie's " men went on board the schooner and found her to a new vessel of about 80 tons carrying an assorted cargo which included a large amount of ammunition.
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  7. Where in 1887, " " The Scottish Prince " ", a 3 steel-masted iron barque 64 metres long, sank as she was sailing from Glasgow, Scotland to Brisbane with a cargo of whiskey, mousetraps, linen and other assorted cargo.
  8. Nevertheless, the Gulf of Mexico proved to be a profitable hunting ground for " Hatteras ", as in less than a year, she captured seven blockade runners with assorted cargos of cotton, sugar, and other goods the South was desperately striving to export for gold or much needed trade goods.
  9. The blockade runner " "'Mary Bowers " "', Captain Jesse DeHorsey ( or Horsey ), bound from Bermuda to Charleston, South Carolina with an assorted cargo, struck the submerged wreck of the in fourteen feet of water a mile off of Long Island ( the present day Isle of Palms, South Carolina ) on August 31, 1864.
  10. Ten days later, " Annie " joined the armed launch of the screw gunboat  which she was then tending in chasing " Meteor " and caught that British schooner which was attempting to slip into Bayport, Florida, with an assorted cargo from Havana . " Annie " and the launch again teamed up on 7 November when they took the British schooner " Paul " which although cleared from Havana for Matamoras was approaching the Florida coast with diverse merchandise.


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