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  1. By their astronomical navigation and close attention to cartography Mage and Quintin are responsible for the first detailed map of western Sudan.
  2. The rule of marteloio was commonly used by Mediterranean navigators during the 14th and 15th centuries, before the development of astronomical navigation.
  3. :: : The ability to safely navigate the oceans without astronomical navigation would be quite difficult, and a continuously foggy world would make for constant shipwrecks.
  4. In 1594, Hues published his discoveries in the Latin work " Tractatus de globis et eorum usu " ( " Treatise on Globes and Their Use " ) which was written to explain the use of the terrestrial and celestial globes that had been made and published by Emery Molyneux in late 1592 or early 1593, and to encourage English sailors to use practical astronomical navigation.
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