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  1. The designation TW Piscis Austrini is astronomical nomenclature for a variable star.
  2. Kavelaars, an astronomer at McMaster University, suggested this name to help astronomical nomenclature to get out of its Greco-Romano-Renaissance rut.
  3. Before the IAU assumed responsibility for astronomical nomenclature, only twenty-five satellites had been given names that were in wide use and are still used.
  4. The International Astronomical Union, or IAU, which is the body responsible for resolving issues of astronomical nomenclature, recently resolved the matter by demoting Pluto to the status of " dwarf planet ."
  5. Located within the globular cluster Messier 13, the Lagrange system is a binary star system consisting of a blue-green star called Lagrange I and a red star called Lagrange II . ( In standard astronomical nomenclature, the two stars would be called Lagrange A and Lagrange B .)
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