at a good rate造句

"at a good rate"是什么意思   


  1. We wanted to get some fixed debt in there at a good rate.
  2. It's been a while since winning has happened at a good rate.
  3. We were very pleased to access 10-year money at a good rate,
  4. In addition to that the hardware was not fast enough to run the graphics at a good rate.
  5. Britain, he said, was confident that the Malaysian economy would recover and grow at a good rate.
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  7. Milne also scored goals at a good rate for Hibs, finishing as their top scorer in the next two seasons.
  8. The first four months, it was clicking at a good rate, and it won a lot of games for us.
  9. Soloman said the two biggest babies were developing at a good rate because they have been nursing from their mother since Friday.
  10. "I'd say he's learning at a good rate of speed, " said Bruins coach Robbie Ftorek.
  11. Primarily, however, " we look for attractive businesses in the equity market that can grow capital at a good rate ."
  12. I shall happily be able to participate at a good rate from tomorrow onwards . talk ) 21 : 38, 20 February 2015 ( UTC)
  13. This keeps the body's reactions going at a good rate, but needs more careful regulation to avoid overheating, and things like sweating and panting had to evolve concurrently.
  14. "I was speaking in Spanish, saying, ` Calm down, calm down .'One elderly lady came down at a good rate of speed and I tried to break her fall.
  15. "The revenues are just not growing as fast as they were, although they are still growing at a good rate, " said William Rhodes, the chief investment strategist at Williams Capital Group.
  16. First slides are the best because there's still a good layer of wax on the top so the slider is traveling at a good rate of speed when it hits the rear window and plunges down over the trunk.
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