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  1. And type the following at command prompt
  2. And type in the following at command prompt
  3. And type in the following at command prompt
  4. He dresses decently , yet he seldom has a guinea at command
  5. President , vp , speaker of the house , secretary of state at command
  6. It's difficult to find at command in a sentence. 用at command造句挺难的
  7. He dresses decently , yet he seldom has a guinea at command
  8. Tdma third generation wireless - egprs - 136 at command set
    时分多址联接第三代无线电通信. egprs - 135 at命令集
  9. Name at command line
  10. Name at command line
  11. The gsm modem is controlled by at commands and the operation is such as its initial setting and number dialing
  12. A gprs device , which resembles a modem with an extended at command set , must define a context using an at command before it enters data mode
  13. The siemens mobile telephone with the gsm modem is controlled by the at command through the mobile telephone data line between the signal chip system and the serial interface of the mobile telephone
  14. By analyzing sm frame format , serial communication and at commands concerned about sm , this design implements receiving and sending of sm on pda through connected mobile phone
    同时详细介绍了sm模块中的短消息组帧格式、串口通讯以及关于收发短消息的at指令等内容,实现了在pda上通过与之相连的手机收发sm 。
  15. Chapter 4 introduces emphatically at command of gsm module , the communication protocols of the system and debug measure , furthermore the procedure is programmed to simulate supervise center
  16. After , the technology of serial port communication and socket communication are studied deeply , and analyzing the feature of gsm modem and at command for gsm modem , based on this , software design concerning communication - interface module is accomplished
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