1. Wittenberg is the co-author with Michael Aubrecht of " YOU STINK!
  2. Pherides laughs at such superstition and accepts Aubrecht's invitation to spend the night as his guest.
  3. Aubrecht apologizes for his part 15 years before in inspiring local peasants to rob graves for valuable Greek artifacts.
  4. The Swedish television network ITV reality TV show " Dancing on Ice ", where she was partnered with Pavel Aubrecht.
  5. Oliver and Aubrecht believe the cause to be plague but Kyra and Pherides believe it to be the doing of the " vorvolaka ".
  6. It's difficult to find aubrecht in a sentence. 用aubrecht造句挺难的
  7. In 2006, Kelly was paired with Pavel Aubrecht when she competed on " Torvill and Dean's Dancing on Ice " and was eliminated third.
  8. He is survived by three daughters : Constance Moog Silliman of East Aurora, Nancy Moog Aubrecht of Orchard Park, N . Y ., and Susan Lee Moog of Atlanta; a son, Douglas Bartlett Moog of Cleveland, and thirteen grandchildren.
  9. "If a student hasn't done a lick of work, or produced anything during the stages of a research paper, then suddenly this beautifully typed-up paper materializes, that's a sign, " said Cathy Aubrecht, an English teacher at Hononegah High School in Rockton, Ill.
  10. As Pherides is dying, he swears that he has seen the " vorvolaka " and warns that she must be killed . " It is done, " says Dr . Aubrecht, sympathetic to Pherides'peculiar madness . " The general was simply a man who was trying to protect us, " he offers as eulogy.
  11. "If the State Department does not change the way it does export licensing, the U . S ., which has dominated commercial space, will lose position and it will have an effect for a decade, " said Dr . Richard A . Aubrecht, vice chairman of Moog Inc ., of East Aurora, N . Y . His company has lost some small contracts to supply parts for satellites that are being manufactured in Europe, he said.


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