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  1. Aubrey Herbert, second son of Henry Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon.
  2. Aubrey Herbert who traveled with him described him as a " linguist and musician ".
  3. Aubrey Herbert and Elizabeth von Arnim were amongst the more famous English people to make the area fashionable.
  4. Aubrey Herbert wrote in his private diary that Hunter-Weston was  more hated than most of the generals.
  5. In May 1913, delegates of Albania in London requested a British sovereign and considered offering the Albanian throne to Aubrey Herbert.
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  7. The original house, represented today only by the Entrance Hall and Aubrey Herbert Room, probably dates back to around 1500.
  8. Sir Gilbert Clayton, Aubrey Herbert, Storrs and others of the intelligence community approved of McMahon's pro-Arabist policy from 1916 onwards.
  9. Other members of the Arab Bureau included George Stewart Symes, Philip Graves, Gertrude Bell, Aubrey Herbert, and T . E . Lawrence.
  10. They were assisted by Aubrey Herbert, a British William of Wied, a German prince who accepted and became sovereign of the new Principality of Albania.
  11. Aubrey Herbert, MP for Yeovil 1918 23, who was near blind from youth, becoming totally blind in his last year of life and service.
  12. Through her great-grandfather Aubrey Herbert, a British diplomat who was twice offered the throne of Albania, Waugh is descended from the William the Conqueror.
  13. In 1933, on a Greek islands cruise, he was introduced by Father D'Arcy to Gabriel Herbert, eldest daughter of the late explorer Aubrey Herbert.
  14. Colonel Sir Aubrey Herbert ( 1880 1923; twice offered the throne of Albania, 2nd son of 4th Earl of Carnarvon ), but later also reflected T . E . Lawrence.
  15. Sykes was also a friend of Aubrey Herbert, another Englishman influential in Middle Eastern affairs, and was acquainted with Gertrude Bell, the pro-Arab Foreign Office advisor and Middle Eastern traveller.
  16. Herbert was the son of Aubrey Herbert, Member of Parliament ( MP ), who died the year after his birth, and brother-in-law of the famous novelist, Evelyn Waugh.
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