aubrey hodges造句


  1. The original music by Bobby Prince was replaced by a new score by Aubrey Hodges.
  2. He soon meets brothers Chill ( Dale Stump ) and Will ( Aubrey Hodges ).
  3. This port also features an entirely new soundtrack, consisting mostly of dark ambient pieces, composed by Aubrey Hodges.
  4. "' Aubrey Hodges "'( born November 3, 1966 ) is an American composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and video game music composer.
  5. The music and sound effects were done by Aubrey Hodges, who also did the original sound effects and music for the PlayStation port of " Doom " two years earlier.
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  7. Another noticeable feature was a change in the music; the more traditional rock tracks featured in " Final Doom " were replaced by a creepier ambient soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges, who later composed the music for " Doom 64 ".
  8. Additionally, the game featured a largely original sound track by Aubrey Hodges  although it did feature a reprise of the Hero s Theme from previous games and a rendition of " Anitra's Dance " by Edvard Grieg which played as background music in the Hotel Mordavia.


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