aubrey huff造句


  1. Third baseman Aubrey Huff led off with his fifth home run.
  2. Aubrey Huff and Toby Hall hit home runs for Tampa Bay.
  3. Only Aubrey Huff from that service category earns more than the minimum.
  4. Wakefield then coaxed Aubrey Huff into an inning-ending double play.
  5. Jason Tyner and Aubrey Huff also drove in runs in the eighth.
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  7. Third baseman Aubrey Huff led off the second with his fifth home run.
  8. He struck out Aubrey Huff to end the game.
  9. Aubrey Huff led off the bottom of the sixth with his second homer.
  10. Aubrey Huff will replace Castilla in the starting lineup.
  11. Grieve later scored on Aubrey Huff's groundout.
  12. Aubrey Huff hit a solo homer for the Tampa Bay in the seventh.
  13. George Lombard, Aubrey Huff and Damion Easley homered for the Devil Rays.
  14. Julio gave up a solo homer to Aubrey Huff.
  15. Aubrey Huff hit his 20th homer of the season for the Devil Rays.
  16. Six Hurricanes have 10 or more, topped by Aubrey Huff's 20.
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