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  1. In 1893 the high voltage, electric motor automatic block signal semaphore made its debut.
  2. The track warrant section is protected by automatic block signals in addition to the track warrants.
  3. The investigation recommended that the Automatic Block Signal system be extended across the whole of the route.
  4. On line 3, the ATC system has been merged with the Automatic Block signals have been removed.
  5. In Canada, non-signaled and Automatic Block Signal ( ABS ) territories are operated according to OCS rules.
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  7. These trains provide trains with conflict free movement authority that is unable to be conveyed by basic automatic block signals.
  8. The section from T鰊ning to Bad St . Peter-Ording is operated as a branch line using Automatic Block Signal.
  9. Earlier types of electro-pneumatic semaphores made by US & S had seen some limited application by 1880 as automatic block signals.
  10. The need to maintain air pressure in the long pneumatic lines eventually led the railroads to discontinue their widespread use as automatic block signals.
  11. Thus some railroads continued to use disc signals where automatic block signal operation was needed between manual block stations as borne out by period rule books well into the 1920s and beyond.
  12. During the 1950s and 1960s the Montauk Branch Kew Gardens ( Richmond Hill ) train collision, the railroad began to install an Automatic Speed Control system to supplement ( and later replace ) the wayside automatic block signal system on a majority of its lines.


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