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  1. Thus, the Viet Cong were asserting control over Ba Gia and the surrounding areas.
  2. So shortly after the Ba Gia.
  3. In the second column the ARVN 2nd Battalion and the 3rd Marine Battalion advanced towards their objectives of Mount Ma To and Ba Gia respectively.
  4. Following their victory at Ba Gia, the National Liberation Front ( known in America as Viet Cong ) turned its attention to the Mekong Delta region.
  5. Even though the fighting at Ba Gia was minor in scale, it convinced President Lyndon B . Johnson that South Vietnam's armed forces could not deal with the growing Communist forces by themselves.
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  7. On the afternoon of May 29, ARVN General Nguy?n Ch醤h Thi, commander of South Vietnam s I Corps Tactical Zone, responded to the Viet Cong assault by forming a Task Force with the objective of recapturing Ba Gia.
  8. On the morning of May 30 the South Vietnamese Task Force assembled in Quang Ngai City and waited for further orders, while South Vietnamese artillery and U . S . Air Force fighter-bombers pounded Viet Cong positions around Ba Gia.
  9. During the night of May 30, Viet Cong formations on the battlefield were ordered to wipe out what was left of the South Vietnamese Task Force in Phuoc Loc village, as local villagers in Ba Gia helped the Viet Cong round up South Vietnamese prisoners.
  10. The "'Battle of Ba Gia "'was a major battle that marked the beginning of the National Liberation Front's Summer Offensive of 1965, during the early phases of the Vietnam War, which is known in Vietnam as the "'American War " '.
  11. On February 6, 1965, the Viet Cong 409th Sapper Battalion attacked the U . S airbase at Pleiku, injuring more than a hundred American personnel and damaging about 20 aircraft . Following those minor actions the National Liberation Front decided to launch a major assault on South Vietnamese units in Ba Gia, a small village in Son Tinh District about 10 kilometres away from Qu?ng Ng鉯 City.
  12. According to General Nguyen Chanh Thi's plan, the Task Force would achieve the following objectives : the 3rd Marine Battalion would advance along Route 5 toward the objective of Ba Gia; the 39th Ranger Battalion through An Thuyet, Vinh Loc and Vinh Khanh and than capture Mount Chop Non; and the 2nd Battalion, 51st Infantry Regiment towards Phuoc Loc and capture Mount Ma To.


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