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  1. All achievements turned to the past , bad real estate co . , ltd will continue to draw more wonderful articles , we will to bring second start an enterprise spirits in future time
  2. It puts forward the assets trust businesses such as developing individual trust business , mbo trust , esot , account receivables trust and bad real estate trust , etc . it is expected that with the new system , our trust industry may have a more brilliant future with the help of its operation advantages and active self - exploration
    并强调我国的信托业应将发展自身业务作为发展的基础,提出了发展个人信托业务、 mbo信托、职工持股信托以及应收债权信托和不良房地产信托等资产信托业务。以期在新的制度条件下,我国的信托业凭借其经营优势和自身积极探索,能够迎来更加辉煌灿烂的明天。
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