bad vugum造句


  1. The first Raivo " was released on a small label Bad Vugum.
  2. Released on CD and LP in 1994 by Bad Vugum, it was re-released by Ektro Records in 2007.
  3. During autumn 1987 Raatikainen, Antti Penttil?and Kari Heikonen founded a record company called Bad Vugum with the intention of publishing music by Radiopuhelimet.
  4. Bad Vugum has continued to re-release and license out some of the old music, but all new music has been released under the "'BV 2 Produktions "'sublabel.
  5. Many releases were also championed by the BBC radio DJ John Peel, who went on to invite such Bad Vugum bands as Deep Turtle, Circle and Aavikko to record Peel Sessions for his radio show as the first ever Finnish acts to do so.
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  7. The CD version of " Kolmik鋜ki " released by Bad Vugum also contains the " EP originally published in 1989 . The " Gold " version of the album, released in 2002 contains both " Raivo " and CMX's first EP, " Johannes Kastaja ", originally released in 1987.
  8. Some bands were also featured on notable American indie labels : Alternative Tentacles released " Hygiene ", a compilation EP of Radiopuhelimet's early material, Drag City commissioned Liimanarina's debut album " Spermarket ", and several Bad Vugum acts were compiled for two " If It Ain't The Snow, It's The Mosquitos " double EPs on Sympathy For The Record Industry.


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