bad war造句


  1. killed in a bad war . ` Baptism of fire'
  2. "It's a bad war.
  3. And that wasn't even really such a bad war for the United States.
  4. "It's a war, a bad war, " he said.
  5. All because of one man's determination to make something good of a bad war.
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  7. Peculiar thing back home is that the liberal media was trying to portray it as a bad war,
  8. His military career ended after he sounded off on television in 1971 about the Vietnam War being a bad war.
  9. He was a career soldier, sworn on his personal honor to fight in bad wars as well as good ones.
  10. "Our political situation in Russia is not good, and we're in a bad war in Chechnya.
  11. And jailing Kurdish members of Parliament for speaking their minds seems a peculiar way of promoting a political settlement of a bad war.
  12. Unfortunately it was a drought year that depressed the economy, and the increasingly bad war news also discouraged most of their recruits.
  13. Disdainful remarks about the symphony being nothing more than a bombastic accompaniment for a bad war movie were voiced immediately after the London and New York premieres.
  14. And yet the point of the picture would seem to be that things are always more complicated than mere good guys and bad guys, good wars and bad wars.
  15. Sunday night's " Kissinger and Nixon " is a perversely amusing, back-channel ride through the warring personalities that powered the end of that bad war.
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