balance urban and rural development造句

"balance urban and rural development"是什么意思   


  1. The population urbanization and balancing urban and rural development
  2. Balance urban and rural development
  3. Balance urban and rural development and build a new socialist countryside
  4. Balancing urban and rural development pushing the integration process of urban and rural areas
  5. Therefore , our country urbanization must plans this idea with balance urban and rural development .
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  7. To push forward the balanced urban and rural development in building the new socialist country side is an important strategic task facing anhui ' s and the whole china ' s social and economic development
  8. This year we must take more direct and effective policies and measures to strengthen , support and protect agriculture and increase rural incomes in line with the need to balance urban and rural development
  9. Taking a path of urbanization with chinese characteristics , we will promote balanced development of large , medium - sized and small cities and towns on the principle of balancing urban and rural development , ensuring rational distribution , saving land , providing a full range of functions and getting larger cities to help smaller ones
  10. The regional development of chinese city commercial bank starts from the comprehensive construction of socialist society , to balance urban and rural development , from discriminatory to harmonious , to give full play of cities ’ functions in region economy , to combine industrialization , urbanization and modernization of countryside , in order to realize industry ’ s feeding to agriculture , city ’ s support to countryside
  11. Concept plan of suqian city development mainly researches urban and rural development layout , regional economy and industrial arrangement , balances urban and rural development , integrates to superior resources , assembles development elements , sums up and studys the model for economical progress , confirms a new mode of city development and functional structure in the future , brings forward the planning ideas of complex traffic systems , landscapes features , whole spatial form and construction schedule ; balances the new and old city - area , integrates the main city ' s various district functions


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