bald mountain recreation area造句


  1. The airstrip and field used by Earhart is now used as an area for radio controlled airplanes as part of Bald Mountain Recreation Area.
  2. The immediate area around the school has been developed into residential neighborhoods, but is still dominated by Bald Mountain Recreation Area to the north, east, and southeast.
  3. The farmland and lakes are now mostly parks for Oakland County, and the state of Michigan; ( Civic Center Park, Orion Oaks and Bald Mountain Recreation Area, respectively ).
  4. After his death in 1952, the farm livestock and equipment was auctioned off, and the land was sold or donated for parkland to Oakland County, and the state of Michigan ( Bald Mountain Recreation Area ).
  5. The Lower Trout Lake Bathhouse Complex and Contact Station s five buildings are located in the Trout Creek section of the Bald Mountain Recreation Area and consist of a contact station, men's and women's bathouses, pump house, and concessions stand.
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