bald mountains造句


  1. The Bald Mountain Extension was located in 1874 east of Forest.
  2. A very similar hut was maintained on Big Bald Mountain.
  3. Skating to " Night on Bald Mountain"
  4. Across the water and beyond some trees, a bald mountain challenged the sky.
  5. According to the bald mountain "-a traditional site of the witch gatherings.
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  7. Researchers list dozens of supposed " bald mountains " sites throughout Ukraine and Poland.
  8. Rush Creek is noted for its large mine, located south of Bald Mountain.
  9. Pisgah, Wheeler, and Bald Mountain.
  10. The " Night on Bald Mountain " piece is played during the fight.
  11. Baker Stream also receives drainage from Moxie Bog and Wild Brook in Bald Mountain Township.
  12. While the speakers thundered forth Moussorgsky's " Night on Bald Mountain,"
  13. It is nicknamed the " Giant of Provence ", or " The Bald Mountain ".
  14. The Cherokee National Forest and the Pisgah National Forest protect substantial sections of the Bald Mountains.
  15. Deep within Bald Mountain, the Chernabog stands guard over a curse within a crystal ball.
  16. The part of its watershed that is on West Mountain / Bald Mountain is mainly forested.
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