balkrishna sharma造句


  1. He got 11, 915 votes, being defeated with a margin of 789 votes by Balkrishna Sharma of the CPI.
  2. His life has been documented in a biography, " Balkrishna Sharma Naveen ", written by Vishnu Tripathi and published in 2013.
  3. It had music by Hemant Kumar and lyrics written by S . H . Bihari, Indeevar, Kaif Irfani, Anjum Jaipuri, Balkrishna Sharma Madhup.
  4. Wazirpur " is a hell for nearly 100, 000 people who eke out a living, " says Dr . Balkrishna Sharma, who runs a clinic in the neighborhood.
  5. The India Post honored him with a commemorative stamp in 1989 A college in Shajapur managed by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, " Government Balkrishna Sharma Navin Post Graduate College ", has been named after him.
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