1. More and more he admired franklin roosevelt's ability to drive this balky team .
  2. More and more he admired franklin roosevelt ' s ability to drive this balky team
  3. Kaleri didn ' t believe the sound was from balky equipment ; rather it seemed to originate from outside
  4. If francis , james , wells and scola can fill those needs ( and t - mac ' s balky back holds up ) , the rockets just might be able to take the next step in their quest
    如果弗朗西斯,詹姆斯,韦尔斯,斯科拉能够满足这些需要(再加上麦迪拿出做老大的气势) ,火箭就能在他们的前进道路上更进一步。
  5. Roger clemens went home to houston and isn ' t slated to return to the yankees ' minor league complex until monday when he is scheduled to throw a simulated game in order to test his balky left hamstring
  6. It's difficult to find balky in a sentence. 用balky造句挺难的
  7. Johnson , 43 , is said to want to play closer to his arizona home , and the yankees would not mind shedding his $ 16 million salary for next season and the uncertainty he would take to the mound caused by his age and his balky back


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