1. Cadet families included those of Meadowflat in Lanarkshire and Balmedie in Fife.
  2. The Balmedie to Tipperty section will follow by Spring 2017.
  3. During the Second World War, Balmedie beach was designated as a bomb cemetery.
  4. "' Balmedie "'is a rapidly growing village in Aberdeenshire in Scotland.
  5. In 1546 Peter Carmichael of Balmedie participated in the killing of Cardinal Beaton in his St Andrews Castle.
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  7. He had a prominent role in the consideration of a planning application for a golf course at Balmedie.
  8. Three pillboxes were built on the dunes at Balmedie to protect a small radar station consisting of three masts.
  9. American billionaire Donald Trump purchased a large part of the Menie estate near the village of Balmedie in 2006.
  10. The section of the A90 between Balmedie and Tipperty is due to be upgraded to dual carriageway in the coming years.
  11. The Craibstone interchange was announced to be completed in late 2016 along with the Balmedie to Tipperty section a few months later.
  12. "' Potterton "'is a village north of Aberdeen, Scotland, in Aberdeenshire, west of Balmedie.
  13. In 2006, Trump bought the Menie Estate in Balmedie, dismissed by five justices at the UK Supreme Court in December 2015.
  14. Access can be gained by walking down the beach towards Aberdeen from the Balmedie Country park car park, or by access through the firing range.
  15. Danestone Congregational Church is associated with the other Congregational churches of Aberdeen including the Peterhead, Balmedie, Potterton, Woodside, Kittybrewster and Cove churches.
  16. The Burgess-Lumsden family descend through a female line and the more recent Lumsden branches of Balmedie, Belhelvie, Sluie and Banchory belong to cadet branches of this family.
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