1. A three-member committee was composed of Hendrik Kesler from the Netherlands, Luigi Fumaggalli from Italy and Marc Balmelli from Switzerland.
  2. "We're going to have to start looking for a band, " said Ed Balmelli, who put down a deposit for a wedding after the opinion.
  3. Although Franco was ordered to undergo eight days of rest, campaign spokesman Carlos Balmelli said the candidate left the hospital Tuesday under pressure to quickly resume campaigning for the April 27 election.
  4. It was open on March 14, 2004 by initiative of the senator, Carlos Mateo Balmelli, who was President of the National Congress at the time, founder and honorary member of the Center, with the support of all members of the Legislative Branch.
  5. The head of Itaip? Carlos Mateo Balmelli, told Radio Primero de Marzo in June 2009 that Bernal had spent five million dollars on social events during his tenure at Itaip?and that he, Mateo, would be filing charges against Bernal with Attorney General Amarilla.
  6. It's difficult to find balmelli in a sentence. 用balmelli造句挺难的
  7. When the dictatorship ended in the 1980s, she worked with labor unionists like Freddy Ardusso and Jorge Balmelli in the reorganization of the country through the Inter-Union Assembly of Workers ( ) ( PIT ), the National Coalition Program ( ) and the teacher's unions.
  8. In 2003 Cris Kobryn and Sanford Friedenthal organized and co-chaired the SysML Partners, an informal association of industry leaders and tool vendors, which initiated an open source specification project to develop the SysML in response to the UML for Systems Engineering RFP . The original technical contributors and co-authors of the SysML 1.0a specification were Laurent Balmelli, Conrad Bock, Rick Steiner, Alan Moore and Roger Burkhart.


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