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  1. The " separation system " , which came into being after the " glass - steagall act " , represents the separation of commercial banking , investment banking and insurance services . the " combination system " , which is just the opposite concept , has two meanings . one relates to the combination of financial services in the same legal person , while the other relates to the combination of shareholding rights of several subsidiaries providing difference services
    与“分业”相对应的"混业"有两层意义:第一层含义是金融业务的混合、交叉经营,即业务的混业,典型的代表是德国的全能银行制; "混业"的第二层含义是金融控股权的混业,即在金融控股公司里有多个法人子公司,它们统一被控制在一个母公司之下,但彼此之间实行"分业经营,分业管理" 。
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